Introduction to Computers (Part 1)



A computer is a multipurpose electronic device that can receive, process and store data. They are used as tools in every part of society together with the Internet. Computers nowadays are complex; there are a lot of different components inside them, and they all serve different purposes. They all need to work together for the computer to work; knowing how a computer works makes it easier to use a computer by being able to understand how a computer will respond.

What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device that takes input such as numbers, text, sound, image, animations, video, etc., processes it, and converts it into meaningful information that could be understood, presenting the changed input (processed input) as output. All numbers, text, sound, images, animations, and video used as input are called data, and all numbers, text, sound, images, animations, and video returned as output are called information. Input is the raw data entered into the computer by using input devices. OR. Computer Is an electronic machine/device which can input data,process them according to the instruction given and then give out the meaningful information.

  • The data consists of numbers, text, sound, images, animations, and video.
  • The process converts numbers, text, sound, images, animations, and video (data) into usable data, which is called information.
  • The information consists of numbers, text, sound, images, animations, and video that has been converted by the process.
  • The data is inserted using an input device.
  • The central processing unit (CPU) converts data to information.
  • The information is put on an output device.

A storage device is an apparatus for storing data and information. A basic computer consists of 4 components: an input device , a CPU, output devices, and memory.

  • One of the most common input devices is the keyboard, used to enter text.

Keyboard (not all are the same)


  • Keyboard with a Swedish layout

  • Keyboard with Danish layout

  • Optimus-113 keyboard with color screens in each key

  • Apple keyboard with German layout

  • A computer will process data differently based on the kind of data being handled, using a set of instructions called a program or routine.

Computer Case

The CPU, motherboard, memory and any internal components are typically put into a computer case/housing.

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